The Science of Yoga

I was doing a yoga recently as I am not relaxed these days and stopped working for one week. I have recognized that my belly keeps growing and gained weight a lot so I performed an activity. I am instructed myself the imperishable science of yoga. This supreme science was thus received through the chain of disciplic succession, and the saintly kings understood it that way.  But in the course of time the succession was broken, and, therefore, the science, as  it is,  appears to be lost. I wish to establish the line of succession and be a good student so that I have the authority to teach yoga soon.

Everyone in the yoga class was in difficulty as we are all the first-timers. Just like that we were in the battle of Kuruksetra. I know that there’s always a failure in every activity of human being and it is said to be a failure unless this inquiry is present. One should ask, “Where am I from? What am I doing? Why am I here?” When these inquiries are awakened in the mind of a sane human being,  then he can understand yoga. He must have also respects for this supreme science. I have come into this activity to establish how my life works through this, which I forgot. Out of many, every yoga students is directed to the one who understand the positions. Being active in meditating, at any rate, we are controlled. Next, we may consider nature. Then time- the duration of existence or manifestation is created.  Then, the karma, or activity. I believed that we as human beings are engaged with different activities. All cosmic manifestation is engaged in the activity.

We can learn many things from yoga. When we see wonderful things happening, we should know that the supreme science is behind these. According to a study, yoga is predominated, and nature, the living entities of nature is predominated over. It is clearly stated that the material nature is nature and the living entities are also nature. The constitution of the material, or inferior, nature is divided into three modes:

1) the mode of goodness,

2) the mode of passion,

3) and the mode of ignorance.

Above these moods is eternal time. By the combinations of these modes and the control of eternal time, the activities, called karma, come into being. These activities are come from immemorial, and we are suffering from- or enjoying – the fruits of these activities, just as in the present life we enjoy the fruits of our activities. It is as though I am a business woman who have worked very hard and intelligently and has amassed a large bank balance. I am the enjoyer of the fruits of my activities. Again, if I open a business with a large amount of money and lose it all, I am the sufferer. Similarly, in the field of life, we enjoy the different fruits of our works. Now, this thing- the yoga, the living entities, and nature, time and karma or activities are explained.

The manifestations of nature are temporary, but not false, as some philosophers say. According to the philosophy of Krsna consciousness, the manifestations are quite real but temporary. They are like the clouds which appear during the rainy season  but disappear during the dry season. These manifestations occur certain intervals, and then they disappear, and the vegetation dries up. Nevertheless, this process of nature is working eternally.

The effects of the science of yoga activities may cause not to get old, and we may not be suffering from the results of activity performed in time, yet we aren’t able to change our activities. My stomach is bloating. In the body, there are hands, legs, eyes, etc. But these parts are not enjoyers. The stomach is the enjoyer. All parts in the body are engaged in satisfying the stomach. All food should be given to the stomach. You can become healthy throughout the parts of your body when the body cooperates with the stomach. Similarly, the yoga is enjoying and the enjoyer, and we have only to cooperate with the meditation. If the fingers try to enjoy the food, they are unable. They must give the food to the stomach in order to receive the benefit on it. If the yoga master is satisfied, the yoga students are also satisfied.