How to Treat Insomnia by Acupuncture


The first impression in using the pointed objects to cure insomnia is widely known as dysfunctional, but according to the research, the first impression is wrong. Treatment of insomnia using Acupuncture for sleep disorder is proven as the most effective relief. The practice of Acupuncture is to place a very thin needle through the skin of the identified locations in the body to heal and cast the symptoms of insomnia. This practice is prevalent as a Chinese Traditional Medicine and has utilized several hundred years ago. Nowadays, the acupuncture is combined with more interventions like applying a small current of electric to the needles or burning the herbs through the acupuncture points. This is called Moxibustion (burning of floss or herbs applied to the skin).

People who are enduring insomnia may only take six or a shorter time to sleep for three nights or more over a month and may encounter 30 minutes of the wait before getting drowsy. The specific symptoms may include the hardness of sleep in the evening, waking up in the middle of the night, waking up too early, not feeling relaxed or rested after a night sleep, weariness and drowsiness in the daytime, irritable, depressed, and anxious, hardness on concentrating small or big tasks and difficulty in remembering, increases mishaps and errors, headache, gastrointestinal tract, keep worrying to strive a deep sleep.

Since insomnia is the most common sleep problem, applying acupuncture should be performed not tomorrow, but now because it may increase the risk of anxiety, depression, and heart failure if not treated early. This may also double the risk of diabetes and cognitive heart disease or even death according to the study.

Nowadays, more and more generalizations can be performed concerning the aging stage and sleep qualities of a person. It is proven that the elder people are tending to overcome less total of the nighttime slumber than the younger people. The elderly people have more night-time activities and arousal that often push them in waking up in the late evening hours. When they experience the daytime drowsiness, it is because of the effect of failing to sleep in the night. Therefore, the sleep-wake period to the elders may be fragmented, with the interrupted evening slumber and the day awakening prevented by sleeps. The hollow periods of the non-REM nap are diminished or unreal to the elders; however, REM nap tends to be preserved. Although a moderate degeneration in slumber condition may be common throughout the aging system, an aged patient’s malady of significantly disturbed the midnight sleep or reduced the daytime functioning as of extreme sleepiness needs to be evaluated.

Acupuncture Treatments to Various Kinds of Diseases

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The study said that it is widely recognized that the emotional distress lead to immune practice impairment and the treatment, however, could bring to rebuild the immune response. Furthermore, the purpose of the current work is to find out the results or effect of an acupuncture therapy, designed transparently to cure the emotional symptoms from the anxiety, on many functions such as adherence, basal, chemotaxis, stimulated superoxide anion levels, phagocytosis, lymphocyte proliferation in response to phytohemagglutinin A (PHA), additionally, the natural killer (NK) activity) of the leukocytes (neutrophils and lymphocytes) from the anxious women.

According to the result, it appears 72 hours after the single sitting and endures a month at the edge of the final treatment. The damaged immune functions to the anxious women (phagocytosis, chemotaxis, NK activity, and lymph proliferation) were significantly amplified by the acupuncture, and increased the immune parameters (lymph proliferation superoxide anion and the levels of a patient group whose price is expensive) were notably reduced. Acupuncture implements the parameters to evaluate intimately to people of their strong controls, exercising a modulatory influence to every patient’s immune system.

For a thousand years ago, acupuncture therapy has been the most effective treatment for the people that enduring neurological diseases. According to the study, the needling of acupuncture point may initiate the afferent tissues including the peripheral nerves used to elicit De-Qi consciousness, then sprout essentially through to the ventrolateral funicular which control pain as well as the heat and cold consciousness up to the particular brain functions and signals, and stimulate the ant nociceptive practice involving the specific brain nuclei, the modulators or opioid peptides, and neurotransmitters, into the declined inhibitory pathway, rising in analgesia. Acupuncture has also been used to cure the cardiovascular symptoms and applied to treat a cardiovascular disease like cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and hypotension. Acupuncture can also accentuate the patient’s immune function and treat sorts of woman’s reproductive issues like infertility, premenopausal syndrome, and PCOS by the neuro-endocrine-immune system.

The acupuncture clinical study at Neiguan was organized on the foundation of the prosperous therapy of a patient that was enduring angina pectoris as well as the acute myocardial infarct. The efficient ratings of 91.3% had been proven to be excellent to the isosorbide dinitrate, as well as the nifedipine. The laboratory analysis of the vertebrate specimens had illustrated that the electro-acupuncture can effectively reduce the eminent ST portion throughout the ECGs and decrease the infarct location affected by the coronary ligation.

Another practical study found at the 6th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-6) in Berlin that acupuncture is the lengthy process to cure women that have experienced hot flushes and obtain the tamoxifen after the procedure of the breast cancer surgery. Acupuncture does not cost high price of expense and no side- effects to manage the hot flushes. These are the acupuncture’s advantages that people should have known.


The medical advice to perform the acupuncture procedure is the acupuncturist should sterilize the disposable needles before handling in the body because they don’t cause any harm if they are inserted in the skin. The acupuncturist will mark the area that requires stimulation and implant the estimated numbers of the needles to hit the certain organs.

Six Self-Care Tasks after the Treatment

  1. Rest well. Resting well authorizes the patient’s physical and emotional restoration that acupuncture sets in motion to continue.
  2. Try to walk at the day after the treatment of acupuncture.
  3. Do not use ice to relieve the pain after the treatment, but heat.
  4. Alcohol and coffee should be avoided to stay hydrated because they may provide toxins that will released to the system.
  5. Avoid watching TV.
  6. Consume healthy foods.

Tips to Strengthen the Immune System

The answer to a question being asked by fewer people is, “if Acupuncture can boost the Immune System”. As always, it’s amazingly “YES.”

Stress and depression may lower the immunity of the body although the patient has a healthy body.

To increase the immune system in the body, some certain activities should be performed.

  • Taking a cold shower once a day.
  • Go out and exercise whether the weather is hot or cold.
  • Eat healthy foods at the right amounts.
  • Do not drift off to sleep late, do it regularly.
  • Control your stress and manage your time in working.
  • Do not take anti-biotic, sinusitis medications, and antihistamine tablets.
  • Rest well when ill and apply herbs or natural plants to fight the infection in a natural way.

Qigong is the other way to prevent the risk after the therapy because it influences the flow of a person’s vital energy in the body. A deep breathing, relaxation strategies and a wide concentration are called as the internal Qigong. However, the External Qigong is performed by the “Qigong masters” only who are well-known to cure the various diseases through the use of their fingers. The scientific investigators in China ended up with the wrong impression that Qigong masters are using their supernatural powers to cure a patient effectively.

The Advantages Use of Acupuncture

Acupuncture causes the various helpful health improvements to the lives of many people and is proven from the top studies. In every chronic condition, nausea, and great pain, acupuncture is universally associated as one of the best treatment. This is being applied to the army physicians recently in USA. It is also the most influential therapy to reduce the emotional stress as well as a psychological problem that a person is experiencing.

Acupuncture is not just globally proven the effectiveness to heal the various diseases, but the other advantages are the cheaper pricing and using the non-invasive analysis. This treatment is suitable to all ages and the physical qualities of the patient. Its greatest success is it tries its best to heal the causes of the pain by the energy flow fix.  Several healing practices or drugs desire unreasonably to slow down the symptoms that the patient is experiencing without making the entire resolution. This can be harmful and may lead to a long-term healing instead of achieving a short-term healing.

Why Acupuncture is Getting Popular?

This therapeutic meditation has been practiced widely in America. Based on the result of the survey in 2007 conducted by the National Health Interview Survey, there are various adults in 3.1 million undergo for this treatment and 150,000 children annually. The popularity of this healing is surmounting every time, based on the similar survey. The main reasons are people used to experience the procedure painless and no harm even if it is inevitable that there are sensitive patients undergo the treatment. The needles are stimulated by the manual manipulation, electricity and heat depending on the practitioner. Because of its effectiveness to heal various kinds of diseases, the practitioners and scientists came to predict that acupuncture has a bright future as it serves the economic procedure for medical care. Indeed, the legislators are finding methods for political advantage to become part of acupuncture.

The Advices for Patients before Experiencing the Acupuncture

Everyone shouldn’t think the scarier things when undergoing this treatment the fact that the needles used by the acupuncturists are safe and not painful compared to the common needles. The acupuncture needles are thin and small like the strand of our hairs. During the process, pain is not a big problem.

However, a patient must avoid eating an inadequate amount of meal before experiencing the treatment. It doesn’t need to consume lots of snacks much because it is difficult to lay the stomach when a person is full.

Information when a patient is yet fearful to undergo the treatment because of the needles, laser acupuncture is the best fit. The laser therapy is continuously using light to set the tension on most areas in the body. It is proven that no harm and pain are involved as stated by many people who are uncertain in needles.

Remember to wear comfy clothing before enduring the treatment like wearing loose t-shirt since the acupuncturist may determine it accessible to attack the target.

A patient needs to avoid in taking vitamins and supplements or ask the physician first before taking the appointment. Use vitamins and food supplements may decrease the factor of effective treatment.


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  1. I never thought insomnia can be healed by acupuncture. I was encountering a sleeping disorder long ago and never had idea that acupuncture is a treatment. Now my sleeping problem is back. How much does it costs to attain that therapy?

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